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Cattle Blends

Baby Calf

A premium quality 18% protein coarse mix containing optimum levels of flaked materials, designed to encourage high intakes in calves for early weaning and high live weight gain. Feed up to 12 weeks of age.

Follow On

A high quality 16% protein coarse mix, containing less flakes than the Baby Calf. For use as a starter ration and can be fed post weaning to encourage high intakes when very high growth rates are required.

Rearer 16

Our best selling coarse mix ration. This is a high energy blend usually fed from 12 weeks old onwards. It is a nutty textured blend and contains flaked maize and barley to stimulate intakes.

Suitable for all ages and types of cattle.

Finisher 14

A premium quality coarse mix ration for finishing beef cattle. Containing flaked maize and barley, this high starch ration also has yeast added to help rumen     function when fed ad-lib.

Pedigree Beef

A high quality coarse mix for feeding to pedigree cattle. 17% protein content makes it suitable for feeding with forage to growing cattle. It contains flaked maize, peas, beans and yeast.

Pedigree Gold

Our premium coarse mix for feeding to pedigree and showing cattle. 16% protein with very high sugar & starch levels. It contains flaked maize, peas, beans, yeast and linseed for coat condition

Beef Builder 16 & 14

Rolled barley based blends for high performance at a competitive price. The 16 % protein ration is for     growing cattle and the 14% protein ration, which     includes yeast, is for finishing cattle.

Allstock Blend

A palatable 16% protein mealy blend suitable for all classes of stock.

It contains no copper so can be fed to sheep and tends to be used by customers who want one product to feed everything.

Youngstock 17

A palatable 17% protein mealy blend suitable for growing cattle. Designed for use in forage based systems it contains high quality protein from soya and wheat distillers to encourage frame growth.

Heifer Rearer 18 & 20

A coarse mix ration with high quality ingredients for dairy heifers. Designed to grow a large frame and maximise live weight gain.

35% Cereal Balancer

A double mineralised blend for mixing with cereals to produce a finished feed. This is a high quality protein  balancer with soya as the major ingredient and no urea added.

Dairy 16 & 18

A coarse mix ration suitable for use in milking parlours.

Dry Cow Blend

A 25% protein blend high in undegradable protein with a bespoke dry cow mineral for feeding at 2kg/head/day for the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.